Thomas McIntyre at Pine Creek Lodge

Last night at Pine Creek Lodge south of Livingston, Bangtail author Tom McIntyre read from The Snow Leopard’s Tale. A great reading, and a very nice turnout, despite wintry weather outside. Gotta love our Montana arts communities!

Many thanks both to Pine Creek Lodge as well as Elk River Books for hosting the reading.

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  1. I just finished this book, and am thrilled to have have found it. It is very much like Stephen Bodio’s Querencia, which I read years ago, but which has stayed with me because of the strong sense of place and culture.
    However, the Snow Leopard’s Tale resonates with me because of my own long time fascination with snow leopards and Central Asia, and the fact that the story is obviously grounded in a real place, but then flips the whole story in such an unexpected way. I love the tension he creates in a couple places, and the redemption that the mountains provide. I didn’t expect to identify with a snow leopard!
    Thanks very much for this book!
    You need to bring it to Red Lodge!!!

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