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— Allen Morris Jones

Allen Morris Jones has published widely across a variety of forms, from novels to children’s books to a highly regarded treatise on the ethics of hunting. This is his first full-length collection of poetry. “These poems,” Jones writes in the Afterword, “as far as I can tell now, are about late-life fatherhood, they’re about aging and mortality…” More

Going It Alone

Going It Alone

— Paul Zarzyski

From Paul Zarzyski, one of Montana’s most distinguished, respected, and consistently entertaining poets, comes “Going It Alone,” his first collection in eight years. Lyrical and outrageous, controversial and heartbreaking, humorous and poignant, “Going It Alone” is destined to become one of the most original and expansive collections of poetry… More

Fifty-Six Counties

Fired On: Targeting Western American Art

— Toby Thompson

The third in a trilogy of collected pieces of reportorial nonfiction, personal essays, and profiles from Toby Thompson, Fired On joins Thompson’s Riding the Rough String and Metroliner in charting one of the most respected careers in American letters. For more than forty years, Thompson has been preoccupied with western art and those who create it. From early works by Carl Bodmer and Paul Kane to modern masters like Russell Chatham and T. C. Cannon, in Fired On Thompson considers three centuries’ worth of art in the West. In the process, he paints a larger portrait of the place and its inhabitants. This anthology includes pieces previously published as well as essays written specifically for the collection. More

Fifty-Six Counties

Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey

— by Russell Rowland

Montana has a long and celebrated tradition of artful, reflective nonfiction. From Joseph Kinsey Howard’s Montana: High, Wide, and Handsome to K. Ross Toole’s Montana: An Uncommon Land, and our own Montana: Then and Now by Aaron Parrett, we’ve been gifted with a series of erudite and sharp-eyed guides to help us see who we are. To this eminent list we can now add Russell Rowland’s Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey. More
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Montana For Kids

Montana for Kids: The Story of Our State

— by David Allan Cates

Have you ever thought about all the things that might have happened in a place before you arrived? Montana’s been around for a long time, and it has all sorts of interesting tales to tell. There are stories about the first peoples… More

Tom Connor's Gift

Tom Connor’s Gift (mad grief, mad love, and a crooked road home)

— by David Allan Cates

A recently-widowed doctor retreats to a cabin on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. Inside, she has letters from her past, describing the broken alleys of Central America during the war years. Outside, there’s a bear… More


El Paso Twilight, a Novel

— by Rick DeMarinis

On the border country between Mexico and the United States, literature can barely keep up with the bad news. An exception is the new novel from Rick DeMarinis, El Paso Twilight. More

Grow: Stories from the Urban Food Movement

Grow: Stories from the Urban Food Movement

— by Stephen Grace

What do a rapper, a returned soldier, a reformed gangster, a grandmother, a petroleum geologist, a bestselling author, and a microchip engineer have in common? More



— by Paul Zarzyski

There are so few writers who can make us smile even as they’re breaking our hearts. With 51, his first book in more than six years, Paul Zarzyski gives us…More


Blue Horse, Red Desert

— by Tom Russell

Known to American audiences primarily through his music, singer-songwriter Tom Russell is every bit as talented on…More


Montana Then and Now

— by Aaron Parrett

When Montana Territory was established in 1864, it was a land of teepees and ramshackle cabins, of lawless vigilantes and miners scraping out meager livings. More



— by Fred Haefele

From working as a timber faller and a tree doctor to profiling environmental protestors and parsing through his own preoccupations…More

Metroliner, by Toby Thompson


— by Toby Thompson

An essential companion to Riding the Rough String, his previous collection of personal essays and profiles, Metroliner explores…More

High and Inside, by Russell Rowland

High and Inside

— by Russell Rowland

With wit and compassion, sharp humor and startling insight, author Russell Rowland gives us not only a portrait of fame and addiction, but also an indispensable glimpse into the character of the modern West. More

Riding the Rough String, by Toby Thompson

Riding the Rough String: Reflections on the American West

— by Toby Thompson

From one of the most highly-regarded journalists in America comes this unique series of profiles, meditations, essays, and explorations. For more than fifty years, Toby Thompson…More

Snow Leopards Tale, by Thomas McIntyre

The Snow Leopard’s Tale

— by Thomas McIntyre

There are a few creatures left in the world who live still untamed, prowling through the rocks, blinking slowly at the encroaching civilization far below. On China’s Bountiful Black Mountain, a snow leopard hunts alone, artifact of a vanishing age. More

A Quiet Place of Violence: Hunting and Ethics in the Missouri River Breaks , by Allen Morris Jones

A Quiet Place of Violence: Hunting and Ethics in the Missouri River Breaks

— by Allen Morris Jones

In this landmark work, Allen Morris Jones spends a year exploring one of the wildest ecosystems in North America, hunting and examining the philosophical issues of blood sport. More

120 Songs, by Tom Russell

120 Songs

— by Tom Russell

Singer, songwriter, painter, essayist…Tom Russell’s is known as one of the most compelling performers in the world and is recognized as a master American lyricist. More


Montana Bookstore Readers

More than ninety-five celebrated Montana authors donated their fiction, poetry, and personal essays to An Elk River Books Reader: Livingston and Billings Area Writers, A Fact & Fiction Reader: Missoula Area Writers, and A Country Bookshelf Reader: Bozeman Area Writers. More

Steering with my Knees, by Paul Zarzyski

Steering with my Knees

— by Paul Zarzyski

If you know poetry in the West, you know the work of Paul Zarzyski. You know the electricity running through his verse, his punch-line crescendos…More