James Lee Burke, Tim Cahill, and William Kittredge, Profiled in Ebook Excerpt

Nobody writes about writers quite like Toby Thompson. Gretel Ehrlich or Gary Snyder, Thomas McGuane or Hunter S. Thompson…If you’re interested in the personalities behind some of your favorite books, his new anthology, “Riding the Rough String,” is chock full of quick insights, sharp wisdom, and painterly descriptions.

Taking advantage of this newfangled thing-a-ma-bobber they call ebooks, Bangtail Press is delighted to excerpt three of Toby’s marquee profiles–novelist James Lee Burke, adventure writer Tim Cahill, and western novelist and essayist William Kittredge–and offer them for a limited time at a fire-sale price.

For those who haven’t read Toby’s work , this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to one of America’s finest chroniclers of the West…

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